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Before & After

Filling in the Blanks

My client has been gardening for years.  She asked me to help her fill in areas that were empty or skimpy.  Much of her landscaping is perennials so my goal was to add structure through shrubs in areas that were mostly perennials.  The shrubs compliment the perennials and provide winter interest. Some areas were empty but anchored by shrubs.  In that instance I added perennials that were consistent with her colors, including repeating some already on site, and did well in the shade.  We were able to divide some of her perennials on site to reduce the number of new plants that were needed.

Before and After:

Boring empty space
A fairy tale garden
In need of plantings
Tasteful Entrance
Lackluster Scrubbery
Flowing all Season

Selected Shots

Colors that Pop
Combined Heights
Camellias and Pansies
Winter Interest
Entrance Planter
Colorful Fall Mums
Backyard in Spring
A Private Garden
Mums Lead the Way
Formal Patio Garden
Colorful Seasonal Mums
Summer Perennials
Points of Interest
Beauty in the Shade
Ajuga Garden in Flower
Dogwood in Spring

Pots With Punch

Accenting the Door
Two to Tango
Welcoming Garage
Deck Decor
Color in the Shade
Fun in the Sun


Color in the Sun


Floral Chalice


Summer Color


Narberth – Featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer


The Philadelphia Inquirer


Spring Tulips


Front in Spring


Low Profile Planters


A Closer View


A Matching Set


Colorful and Inviting


Hidden Path




View from the Veranda


Pink, Yellow, White


Lovely Spring Tulips


Beautiful Color


Welcome Home


An Inviting View


Summer to Fall


Pumpkins and Mums


Bloomerang Lilacs


Heuchera Border


Villanova – Gracious & Spacious


Beautiful Entrance


A Lovely Presentation


Ferns in the Foreground


Private Yard


Colors & Textures


Pink Dogwood in Bloom


Privacy & Beauty


Country Color in Town




A Lovely Rear Patio


New Construction Plants


Summer Color


Villanova – Feels Like Country




Oriental Style Path


Textures & Colors


Summer Peace


Simply Gorgeous!


Early Summer


Flowers & More


A Beautiful Balence


Lovely Side Plantings


Tranquil Pond


Pond and Waterfall


Beautiful Perspective


Merion – Reusing Existing Plants


Balance & Beauty


Natural Elegance


Spring Color


The Patio Entrance


Natural Beauty


Malvern – A Country Estate














A Colorful Narberth Bungalow