At Custom Gardens we design in a style that fits you. Do you like cottage, formal, French… or something else?

We use the following design principles:

  • Vary height, texture, and color to provide maximum interest
  • Use evergreens, shrubs, and flowers to provide visual interest in every season
  • Maximize color throughout the year
  • Promote the use of plants native to our area
  • Select plants that are sturdy growers that do not need coddling or tons of water
  • Design to enhance the architecture of the home
  • Incorporate plants on site that the client likes and are worth keeping

Gardens with a Point of View

We bring to life a client’s desire for a garden that fits a particular mood or theme.

  • Meditation – A quiet place to relax and let go of the day’s stress
  • Labyrinth – A walk with a purpose
  • An Asian or Zen garden
  • A garden to honor a loved one, to display your sculptures, or something else


Custom Gardens’ installations are successful because we:

  • Prepare carefully – we understand the need for soil preparation, planting depths, and proper plant choices for specific areas
  • Amend the soil as necessary – plants thrive when they are in the proper soil environment- sort of like people
  • Use good mulch to protect new plantings by keeping in moisture and reducing weeds
  • Protect your existing plants from damage and provide restorative pruning for the plants that need help
  • Provide instructions for continuing care – reviewed with the client and provided in writing
  • Always leave the property neat and clean
  • Follow up with no-charge check-ups to insure your success
  • Offer a one-time replacement guarantee if a plant has failed even with proper care


We believe in intelligent maintenance: Left unattended, plantings either grow or die. At Custom Gardens, we give your plants attention so that the landscape will look its best!

  • We prune according to season…prune lavender in the autumn and it may die.. prune it after it has bloomed and it may flower again in the same season
  • We use preventatives on plants that are especially susceptible to insect damage, such as peonies and Japanese beetles
  • We use organic products whenever possible, such as a weed preventative in garden beds
  • We mulch when needed – not twice a year – and we do not over-mulch which can cause disease in plants
  • We like to make diseased plants healthy so they may provide pleasure
  • We control groundcovers, such as ivy, before they have knocked down fences or pried off windowsills
  • We relocate plants that are not doing well to a location elsewhere on the property where they will be happy

Landscape and Garden Consulting

We are pleased to offer consulting services to those who want to create their own landscapes and gardens but need advice along the way.

Consulting services  are specific to your needs.  You may want help caring for what you have, prioritizing projects, ideas for tackling a problem area, creating new beds, or learning basic or advanced gardening skills.

  • If you know nothing about gardening we will help you select tools and show you how to use them; how to select plants, and how to plant them.
  • If you moved here from another part of the country, we will help you learn about this climate, the deer, soil conditions, and other factors you need to know to enjoy your gardening experiences here

Consultations are available on an hourly or daily basis. Please contact Ellen for more information at 610-613-7506 .